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Welcome to Waters Edge Cooperative

New Website for Waters Edge is: http://www.watersedgelbny.com/

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Update for Thursday, April 30, 2015

Remember the date – Wednesday May 6th is the Annual Shareholder Meeting to be held in the recreation room at 7:30.

The backup generator was tested last week and is now operational.

The installation of our chain link fence along our south wall should be completed this week.

We contracted with Flag Restoration to repair a portion of parapet wall along Roosevelt and Shore Road. They will also be performing leak repairs on the M, T and R lines. All work is scheduled to be completed by mid June.

Update for Sunday, April 19, 2015

On Thursday, April 23rd at 7:00pm in the recreation room – there will be a training/information seminar for the idor intercom system. If you are still having trouble activating your smart phone or ipad, this would be your opportunity to get help. Anyone interested in learning more about the intercom system should attend.


Our pool solar heating system installation will begin this week. The work will start by installing pipe in the pool equipment room and cabana area.


We have a commitment from the City to modify the handicap ramps in front of our building. We will still have a ramp but it will be smaller and lower than existing. To avoid disruption of our beach access and to minimize the construction activity this summer the modification will not begin until September.

Update for Monday, March 23, 2015

The City of Long Beach extended the wood fence in front of our dune from our current beach entrance ramp to the public ramp on Roosevelt. This should prevent people from crossing over the dune and damaging the grass and the integrity of the dune. A fellow shareholder was instrumental in getting the city to recognize the need and perform this work.

We met the Commissioner of the Department of Public Works last Wednesday and we continue to move forward, slowly, on having our ramps modified. We will keep you updated as progress continues.

The two doors leading to the pool deck have been replaced and now close properly. Also, WiFi is now available on the pool deck. This completes the WiFi installation for the building.

The final details are being reviewed for the canopy for our entrance on Shore Road. The canopy will be installed this Spring (if it ever gets here) along with the new Lobby windows.

BTW - Please remember to join us in two weeks, Wednesday, April 8th for Candidates night.

Update for Friday, March 13, 2015

Elections - The Board of Directors have increased the number of Board members from 7 to 9 beginning with the upcoming election. You will be able to vote for up to 9 people this year. The ballots will be going in the mail next week.

Chimney Repairs - We have contracted with Flag Waterproofing to repair the bricks of the Chimney above the 7B and 7C terraces. Due to the nice weather they were able to begin work yesterday, Thursday March 12th. As there may be vibrations from the removal of the bricks, we advise you to remove breakable items from shelves on the exterior walls. You may wish to check that all windows are closed before you leave so dust doesn't enter your apartments. There may be falling debris, so if you are on the pool deck please remember it is a construction site. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please call the office, 516-431-0222.

Storage Units - The Board wants to determine if there is still a need to construct additional on-site storage units. Please contact Coleen or Chris Lantelme if you do not have a storage unit and would like one. If additional units are built they will most likely be the larger ones, 4'x4'x8'. 

New Website coming soon - This website is looking a little tired and will soon go into retirement. The new one is still under construction but can be viewed at 700shoreroad.com.  

Update for Sunday, March 1, 2015

The work on the sauna and bath continues. All tile work is completed and only the installation of the fixtures remain. It will be ready for use this Spring.

Heat Balancing - This past week we met with our heating contractor (Control Combustion) to help resolve some of our heat balancing issues. Our first step will be to use different types of valves in apartment lines that are under heated. The monitoring system installed in January has greatly facilitated this process and will remain in place.

Dune Ramps - We again discussed the excessive walkway and dune ramps with the City Manager this past Friday. Our next meeting will be with the DPW Commissioner and we hope to make better progress this time around. We recently learned the ramps on the west end were modified after similar complaints.

Update for Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It's cold out there - The next two days will bring some of the lowest temperatures this year. The fans will be shut off to help the building retain heat. Please make sure your windows are closed properly and contact the staff if you believe there is a problem with your radiator. We continue to work on achieving a more balanced heat distribution throughout the building.

The Landscape Committee has been given the green light to move forward on their Landscape project along Roosevelt Avenue. We are looking forward to watching their great design take root this Spring.

Important Date - Wednesday, April 8th Candidates Night will be held in the recreation room at 7:30pm. We will start with an update to the building followed by each candidate for the Board giving a brief statement. We will finish the evening with a question and answer period.

The new intercom system is fully operational. Everyone's data should now be in the system. If you are having problems you should contact Coleen or Tony. For anyone who wants to use the Smartphone features and were not at the meeting last week, we will schedule an evening session soon. The written instructions to setup a Smartphone are now on the Shareholder info page.


Update for Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hot and Cold Apartments, Temperature Monitors and Entech Digital Controls

In December the Board hired Entech Digital Controls to help us resolve some of the problems we have with our heating system. Though the majority of apartments are comfortable, some areas of our building are overheated while other areas don't receive enough heat. This often is the case in a building as large as ours and only has one zone. We are attempting to resolve the extreme high and low apartment temperatures and believe Entech is the first step to achieving this.

Entech's purpose is temperature monitoring and boiler control / adjustments.

Temperature Monitoring: In January there were approximately 35 temperature monitors installed throughout the building, mostly on the 7th floor. These monitors remotely report, to a central computer, the temperature in whatever apartment they are placed. The data we obtain from these sensors allow us to identify hot and cold areas of the building accurately and on a continual basis. By analyzing this data we know what lines or areas we should be adjusting or seeking solutions.  We also have 6 monitors on different components of the boiler in order to monitor its efficiency and operation.

Boiler Control: The temperature monitors in the apartments and on the boiler components allows Entech to remotely adjust our boiler settings more accurately and with higher expertise that we can do ourselves. We get status reports daily by email whenever adjustments are being made or when something needs attention on-site.

Some common questions are below.

Does this mean we no longer have control of our own boiler?
No, we always have the ability to take over the controls, and often do. But under normal conditions, Entech is fine-tuning the settings based on their monitoring and input from our staff.

I have a temperature monitor in my apartment and I am still cold / hot. It's not working.
These monitors do not control the amount of heat your specific apartment will receive. They only report the temperature of your apartment.

 I have a monitor but I often open my windows, so the readings are not accurate. Should I keep them closed?

No. If you are too hot you should open your window, use a fan or whatever you need to be comfortable. Unless you have your windows open 24/7 we know if you have a hotter than normal apartment.

We are presently analyzing the data gathered to date. We will be discussing our results with a contractor this week who will be working on balancing the system. It is not a simple process but we will keep you informed of our progress.


Update for Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Save The Date - On Tuesday, February 10th at 5:00pm in the recreation room - there will be a training presentation for the new "idoor" intercom by Paragon, our contractor that installed the equipment and programmed the software.

Who Should Attend - Anyone interested in learning more about the intercom system, but probably most important to people with smart phones that want to learn about the advanced features, which include viewing the visitor on your smart phone and having the system ring multiple phones when someone dials your number.

If you are having trouble with the new intercom system please email Coleen with a brief description of the problem ASAP. We would like to get all issues resolved before the training session on Tuesday.

Update for Thursday, January 22, 2015

The installation of the new vestibule is now completed. Phase 2 will consist of the four large windows and the outside aluminum trim being replaced. This should take place in the Spring.


The installation of the new intercom system is also completed. However, you now must dial #61 instead of 9 to let someone in. For most of us, little will change. When someone comes to visit they will find your number on the screen, input the number on the key pad and your phone will ring as before. You can then speak to them or let them in by pressing #61. For those with smart phones, there will be other options. We will disseminate the more advanced features to all shareholders soon. But for now just use it as you did in the past. It was just completed this evening so let Tony or Coleen know if you have any problems.

Remember - the new number to let your guest in is #61.

The annual Meeting of the Shareholders and Election of the Board of Directors has been scheduled for Wednesday, May 6, 2015. Anyone interested in running for the Board should submit a brief resume to the Board President in 2BB or Coleen by February 28, 2015. I particularly encourage anyone willing to take on an officer position or be fully involved in Board functions to run. Please contact me directly or any other Board member if you have any questions regarding needs of the Board.

Chris Lantelme, President

Update for Saturday, January 10, 2015

Wishing you good health, happiness, and success in the coming year and always. Happy New Year!

We are pleased to inform you that Phase 1 of the Lobby Storefront replacement project will begin on Monday, January 12th, 2015. Phase 1 is the installation of the new vestibule and the much needed new Intercom. As this will be an active construction site, during this installation there will be no access to the Lobby from Shore Road and from within the building.  We anticipate that the installation will be completed in 7-10 days.

While the Staff will be as helpful as possible, they cannot be responsible to meet your guests or deliveries; please greet all your guests and all deliveries at the Roosevelt Boulevard or Shore Road service door entrances.

We know that this is an inconvenience, but it is necessary to replace the structure and the Intercom system.
Thank you for your patience.

Update for Saturday, December 20, 2014

Please come celebrate the season at our Holiday Party Monday, December 29th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm in our Recreation Room. Canapés, Dessert and Soft Drinks will be provided. Come and wish your neighbors a happy holiday season and a good start to the New Year.

Game on!!
Check out our new ping pong table in the recreation room.

Update for Tuesday, December 16, 2014

To complete the lobby hallway floor repairs, the staff will be removing the topcoat and grinding the lobby hallway floors. They will then apply a new sealant that will return the floor's shine. There will be a disruption of access the following days during the hours of 12:00 PM to 8:30 PM.
Wednesday, December 17th - East Side
No Access - Shore Road Service Door, East Elevators, East Side Garage Door, Mailroom, Laundry Carts & Card Machine and East Side Stairs.
Thursday, December 18th - West Side
No Access - Roosevelt Blvd Door, West Garage Door, West Garbage Room, West Elevator, Stairs, Storage Room, Exercise Room, Recreation Room and Management Office.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Update for Friday, November 21, 2014

Due to a necessary boiler repair to take place on Monday, November 24th, the heat will be shut off Sunday evening approximately 12:00 a.m. until Monday at 5:00 p.m. Since we have hot water heaters the hot water will still be on.

Update for Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Board has contacted the City of Long Beach Board of Managers and requested that they meet with the shareholders to discuss the Beach Dune crossover in front of our building. Please come and meet your elected officials so you may ask them about the design and let them know how you feel about the construction. Refreshments will be served.
The event will take place Monday, November 3rd, 2014 in the Recreation Room at 7:30 pm.

Update for Saturday, November 1, 2014

Waters Edge will shortly be installing a new intercom system (“Seidel iDor) which will replace the antiquated intercom system in the lobby.  This will be part of an entire storefront-vestibule replacement Project that should be completed by the end of November.


The new system has many advanced features including an “App” for iPhones and Android phones.  In addition to calling the main phone you list, it can also contact any iPhone or Android device running the App.  The app allows shareholders to see who is at the door for additional security.  The App also works on your iPad or your Android tablet if you desire.

Because of the lack of sophistication of the old system WE CANNOT TRANSFER YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER From the Old Intercom TO THE NEW SYSTEM.


To prepare for the seamless integration of the new system, we are required to send our contractor information for each shareholder including name, apartment number, telephone number, iPhone or Android phone number and email address so they can program the new intercom. 

This information must be filled out in a simple form which will automatically complete a data base for the iDorPlease click on the link below and fill out the Form by Sunday night.  As long as the basic information is accurate, we will correct the format, name, etc to make a uniform appearance on the intercom.  All your information will be kept confidential.

Here is the link to the Form:  700Shore.PrivateerDS.com


There will be technicians in the building's Recreation Room for those without email or to answer any questions at the following times:

  • Sunday, November 2, 2014 between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM
  • Tuesday, November 4, 2014 between 7:00 PM and 9:00:PM

If you have any questions call Rich or Steve at 516-387-2112 or email SUPPORT@PrivateerDS.com

Don't forget - Clocks get set back tonight. Enjoy the extra hour of sleep!!

Update for Friday, October 24, 2014

                                                             Winterizing Your Apartment

The cold weather is coming and all shareholders need to help us prepare for the winter ahead:

1. AC Covers: Please install your AC foam cover to prevent drafts. Fill in a REQUEST FOR ACTION FORM and deliver to Tony if you need help or if you need another cover - Forms are outside Tony's office and on the website. [http://700shore.com/shareholder_info.php]

2. Windows and Doors: If you have storm windows on your balcony door, please install them now. If you feel a draft in any of your windows or balcony door submit a  REQUEST FOR ACTION FORM if you need help in sealing it up.

3. Cold Apartments: The heat is on your apartment should be at least 69 degrees from 6 AM to 10 PM and at least 65 degrees at night. If your apartment is cold please submit a REQUEST FOR ACTION FORM and deliver to Tony with the following information:

  • The actual temperature you record in your apartment. This should be in the middle of your apartment, not at the cold window or hot radiator.
  • The time or times of each temperature reading.
  • If you have a thermostat that records the 24 hour high and low in your apartment, please provide these readings.
  • Tell us why you think your apartment is cold, such as:
  • Radiator(s) are not getting hot:
  • Cold drafts:
  • Cold walls or floors:
  • Windows or door will not close:

Update for Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fogged Window Replacement - As discussed at our shareholder meeting last week, we plan on replacing the large windows that have failed over the past few years. (These are the windows that do not open) The units that have reported defective windows are the following: 6H, 7O, 4BB, 7I, 2BB, 6AA, 4E, 3Y, 3C, 5E, 4I, 4D, 6Y and 2AA. If you have a window that "fogs up" and you are not on this list, contact Tony or Coleen as soon as possible for an inspection.  

Update for Saturday, October 11, 2014

Boiler System Heads Up - We turned  the boiler on today. We expect the temperature to drop low enough tonight to send heat to the apartments.

Remember our Shareholder meeting this Thursday at 7:30.

Update for Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Shareholder Meeting - On Thursday, October 16th at 7:30 there will be a shareholder meeting in the Recreation room. The general state of the building will be reported followed by a question and answer period. Hope to see you there.

Update for Friday, September 26, 2014

Pool Closing - Enjoy your last dip in the pool this weekend. The pool contactor will be here next week to shut down the pool.

Who is interested in Landscaping - We are forming a Landscaping committee to plan for next year. The focus will be to tweak the existing arrangement along Shore Road and more importantly, to design the area along Roosevelt. It will be lead by our resident expert Joey Naham from 2H. If you are interested email me at C1L1@AOL.COM or Joey at joey.naham@gmail.com.

Bike Purge - Our staff will be inspecting the bike racks next month to remove any unregistered or untagged bikes. Any unauthorized bicycles, tricycles, etc will be removed and stored for 30 days. Anything unclaimed after 30 days will be discarded.  

Update for Monday, September 8th, 2014

A quick note for anyone giving up their parking space for the winter:
If you are giving up your space, you must remove all items stored there including but not limited to shopping carts, boxes, tires and bicycles. When you relinquish your parking spot you are giving up the entire space.
When the co-op rents the space to someone else, they will have use of the entire space.

It looks like we are finally getting some progress today on our new beach walk-over. Some poles have been cut and they are preparing to lay the decking.

The installation of addition cameras and fobs around the building will begin this week. The cameras will cover the garage, pool area and front walk.

Update for Saturday, September 6, 2014

We now have WiFi
A WiFi network has been installed on the first floor. You should be able to access the network in the first floor hall, recreation room, exercise room and the lobby. It is designated as “WatersEdgeWiFi”. Please keep in mind this is a public network and appropriate precautions should be taken.

More Good News:
We received $50,000 from National Grid from their Sandy Disaster Relief fund. This was a long and difficult application and many thanks go to the people who helped us through the process. Thanks goes to Rick for leading this effort.

Stay tuned - We may have a shareholder meeting in early October while most people are still here.

Update for Friday, August 29, 2014
We hope you enjoy the last few days of summer. Despite a few annoyances with noise, construction, cooler
temperatures and a lesson on what pile driving looks, sounds and feels like, it is great to see Long Beach in full
swing again: Full Boardwalk open, restaurants coming back with a few new ones and finally some warm
The results of the Shareholder Storage lottery are as follows:
Phase one: 2DD, 4H, 7DD, 5AA, 5DD, 5A, 7W, 2EE, 4N, 4M, 2W, 6E, 7D, 5D, 3I, 5CC, 4A, 5C, 6W, 5U, 5W, 3Y,
4X, 2G, 6S, 2Z, 7G, 7E, 3H, 7P, 6F, 3K.
Phase two: 3M, 6H, 5Y, 3A, 3X, 6L, 5F, 6B, 2C, 3Z, 6I, 4K, 4F, 2T, 7I, 4V.
Over the next couple weeks units will be chosen and final preparations will be made. We thought it would be 
sooner but now we are shooting for the end of September for people to occupy the units.

Update for Tuesday, August 19, 2014
FAQ – Shareholder on-site storage
When will they be available?
Erection of the units started Monday, 8/18/14. They will be ready for viewing later this week and we would like to make them available by September 1st.

How much will it cost?
A 4’x4’x4’ unit will cost $45 per month.
A 4’x4’x8’ unit will cost $95 per month.
The charge will be on your monthly maintenance bill.

Are there enough units for everyone who signed up for a unit?
Eventually, but not in Phase one. We had approximately 50 people show interest, and the first phase has 32 units. We have room to build at least 20 more. We will only build more if the interest remains.

How do I reserve a unit?
The list of people who showed an interest is below (apartment numbers). If you are on the list and still want a unit, you don’t have to do anything. If you are not on the list and want a unit, leave a note for Coleen or Tony. If you are on the list and no longer are interested in a unit you should also let Coleen or Tony know.

How will it be decided who gets a unit in Phase one and who has to wait for Phase two?
We will have a lottery. It will take place August 27th at 5:00. You do not have to be present. We will post the list by the next day.

Do I get a choice of which size unit I get?
Choice will be given to people in the order of the lottery results. There are only four large units and 28 small units.

Apartment List For Storage Units:
2C, 2G, 2L, 2T, 2W, 2Z, 2DD, 2EE
3A, 3H, 3I, 3J, 3K, 3M, 3R, 3X, 3Y, 3Z
4A, 4F, 4H, 4K, 4M, 4N, 4V, 4X
5A, 5C, 5D, 5F, 5U, 5W, 5Y, 5CC, 5DD
6B, 6F, 6H, 6I, 6L, 6S, 6W
7D, 7E, 7G, 7I, 7N, 7P, 7W, 7DD

Update for Sunday, August 3, 2014

We hope everyone is enjoying another beautiful summer at Waters Edge.

We have received the final payment of $54,000 from the NYSERDA program.

Our landscaping and new irrigation system is just about complete.

Wi-Fi will be coming soon to the recreation room, gym and lobby areas. Our contractor will begin wiring next week.

Final preparation for the room that will house our shareholder storage units (the old tank room) is now completed. The storage cages will be built in a few weeks.

We contunue to research possible pool heater options. Any pool heater design must be approved by the Nassau County Board of Health. This is where we have run into trouble in the past.

Our Annual Financial Statement for 2014 has been completed and released from our accountant. Copies will be delivered to management this week and will be sent to all shareholders.

Update for Sunday, July 13, 2014

Flood Insurance – We have just received $326,000 from our flood insurance carrier, Chubb. There are other relatively minor claims we are pursuing but this is our last major payment from our Sandy Flood Damage claim. Thanks to everyone involved in this long and tedious process.

The evening of July 8th we had a partial loss of electric service from approximately 6:00 to 7:45PM. By 6:30 PSE&G had information on their Storm Center line that listed the areas that were affected and when they expected the service to be fully restored. In our case, it was predicted that Long Beach would be restored by 8:00. The service worked well. The phone number for PSE&G Storm Center is 800-490-0075. You can also follow them on twitter @PSEGLI. If you would like alert calls from the City of Long Beach there is a 911swift system you can sign up for on their website.

The Library is Open – Many books are on the shelves for your reading pleasure. There is still a lot of space so the collection bins are still in the recreation room for your donations.

Various projects continue throughout the building. We are trying to move forward with everything we can, within reason.

Update for Sunday, June 29, 2014

Water Heaters are now fully operational and will supply most of our hot water requirements. The boiler may still be needed on rare occasions during periods of high demand. This project was one of our energy efficiency programs partially funded by NYSDERA.

The major painting of our first floor halls, recreation room, lobby, doorways etc. should now be completed.

The room to be used for shareholder storage (the old tank room) is prepped and just about ready for the storage units to be built. The only item left is to fireproof the structural steel where asbestos has been removed. The storage room will have twenty eight storage units measuring 4’x4’x4’. There will also be four units measuring 4’x4’x8’.

We are finalizing our contract for the new vestibule and front windows. This project should take place this summer.

Insurance and Grant Money

  • NYSERDA has their final inspection next week. Our final grant money of $54,000 should soon follow.
  • We are applying for a grant from NYRising. We are meeting with them in two weeks to learn more about the program. This application may require shareholders to file a claim for the building. We will let you know if your direct participation is required.
  • Meetings continue between our main insurance carrier (Chubb) our insurance adjuster and our building management (Douglass Elliman). We believe we are entitled to addition claims of approximately $300,000.

Bicycle Racks:

  • For all bike owners who have registered your bike, have a tag and are using one of the three bike racks in the garage, and want to continue using these bike racks, DO NOTHING. You will be billed $25 per bike along with your maintenance.
  • If you had a bike registered but are no longer using the bike racks (if you moved your bike to your garage space, or found another place to store it) please return the tag to Coleen or Tony. We will then take you off the list so you will not be billed. If you lost the tag, you must tell Coleen or Tony and confirm you will not be using the racks. If you do nothing, you will be billed $25 per bike.

We are still collecting books for our library. Please bring your books to the recreation room and place them in the plastic containers provided. Please contribute only fiction and non-fiction books of relatively recent publication. No magazines or research books. Also, no cookbooks or how-to-do books at this time. Space is limited. All other genres found in public libraries are acceptable. Any books not accepted will be discarded.

Update for Monday, June 2, 2014

Any Monthly Maintenance Checks processed through the management office (Coleen) must be received by the 5th of the month. Any payments received after the 5th will be returned to the shareholder and should be mailed. If you would like some assistance in setting up automatic payments or paying online contact Coleen.

Please remember to remove your air conditioner insulation cover prior to turning on your air conditioner.

The pool is now open. (yeah!) The pool rules are posted and a copy will be put under everyone’s door. Above all, use caution, be kind to your fellow shareholders and let's have a safe and enjoyable swimming season this year.

Update for Monday, May 26, 2014

We had a great Memorial Day Weekend at Waters Edge and in case you were not around here is a quick update.

The Recreation room is now open for general use. The kitchen can not be used until we get the certificate of occupancy from the City of Long Beach.

Starting this weekend we will have one member of our maintenance staff work until 8:30 PM. This new schedule will be everyday except Wednesdays and Thursdays and will continue until the pool closes in the Fall.

Our pool resurfacing project was completed last week. We started filling the pool with water on Friday and it was completed by Sunday afternoon. Over the next few days we will be obtaining the proper chemical balance and getting our approval from the City of Long Beach. We hope to open the pool sometime next weekend.

Our beach entrance is open and you will notice more food vendors along the beach and boardwalk.

We hope you and your families have a wonderful summer at Waters Edge this year. Continue to check the website for further updates.

Update for Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Shareholder Update:

Just a quick update regarding the building renovation in case you were not at the shareholder meeting last Wednesday.

Phase 1, which includes Coleen's office, the lobby, rec room, library, exercise room and first floor hallway is just about complete. Items that remain include artwork, carpets for the lobby, furniture for the library and window treatments. We also ordered dumbbells for the exercise room. Our backup generator is also nearly complete. We are getting the final pricing for the required ventilation.

Phase 2 consists of shareholder storage units, sauna room with a bathroom and shower, a new vestibule and intercom system. We have a signed contract to build storage units which will start in 3 to 4 weeks. The construction of the sauna room has begun. We just received final bids on the vestibule and have chosen the new intercom system to be installed.

This Friday we are meeting with the landscaper who will begin work starting shortly thereafter. Concurrent with all our building restoration efforts, our new contractor Flag Waterproof and Restoration will continue to repair leaks. Our next contracted area to repair leaks is the T, S and O lines.

Though work will continue through the summer there should be only minor disruptions in the use of our building. There should not be any major construction projects on the pool deck.

Please remember to remove your air conditioning inserts prior to turning on your air conditioner.

While we hoped to open the pool by Memorial Day weekend, the recent rains have push the schedule back.

We appreciate your patience in these last few months of our renovation project. Check out our website for updates. Anything posted on the website will also be posted in the building.

Chris Lantelme, President

Update for Friday, May 9, 2014

Our Annual Shareholder meeting was Wednesday, May 7th and the election for the Board of Directors took place. The results for the members of the Board along with the positions held are as follows (in alphabetical order): Dante Foceri, Natalie Goodman, Steven Kordisch (Assistant Secretary), Chris Lantelme (President), Elaine Lotfi (Secretary), Jeanne Thomaston, Rick Tufano (Vice President & Treasurer).

Let’s welcome the latest member of our staff, William (Billy) Lienzi.

Update for Saturday, May 3, 2014

Don't Forget Your Keys

On Monday, May 5th, the control panel for the FOB system control panel will be relocated to Coleen's office. During this time the FOBs will be off. So, you will have to use your key to enter the building. We expect this job to be finished by the end of the day.

Update for Thursday, May 1, 2014

Waters Edge Getting Back in Shape

Exercise Room Opening

Starting May 1, the Exercise Room will be open to all shareholders who sign a waiver and release form. This form is available outside of Tony’s office. You will need to write down your fob number on this form so that your fob can be programmed for the Exercise Room door. The form should be returned to Tony or Coleen.

There will be an “introduction to the new equipment” session on Thursday (today) at 1 pm. We hope to plan another one for a time over the weekend.

We hope to have the new TV in by the weekend.

Enjoy and let’s start getting back in shape together!

Update for Monday, April 28, 2014

Reminder - Our Annual Shareholder meeting will be held Wednesday, May 7th in the recreation room.
We should have the new chairs by then so you shouldn't have to bring your own.

For people that are away and not seeing the changes taking place in the building, a few photos to the left. We will update them as things progress.

Update for Monday, April 14, 2014

The FOB entry system is up and running. You can pick up your FOBs at Tony's office starting on Wednesday, April 16th. Each apartment will get two FOBs free. If you need additional FOBs you should contact Coleen and she will order them for a fee of $25 each. Your key will also continue to work.

The results of our survey for the oversized washer and dryer vs the sauna is.......... the sauna won.   So, we are planning on a sauna in the area where the men's sauna was previously. However, we are looking for a place where we can also fit the washer and dryer. If possible, we will do both. Stay tuned.

Our renovations are moving along quickly. The lobby, rec room and exercise room and possibly the first floor hallway should be completed by our Shareholders meeting on May 7th at 7:30.

If you have not yet expressed an interest in renting an on-site storage unit and you would like to, please complete and submit your survey or email Rebecca.

Update for Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The ballots for the election of Board members have been mailed. Meet The Candidates night will be held Wednesday, April 9th. Though it may not be 100% completed, we hope to have it in the Recreation Room.

Update on our renovation: Coleen’s office has been gutted and the new partition walls erected. It will be wired and have drywall installed this week. She will temporarily be working out of a storage room until her office is complete.

Drywall in the gym, library, kitchen and recreation room is complete. Tape and spackle will continue throughout the week.

Update for Wednesday, March 19, 2014

We will be starting the drywall in the lobby Thursday 3/20. The work will require the lobby to be inaccessible intermittently during working hours, including Saturday. The drywall crew will also be working the hallway periodically for the duration of this phase of work (about 3 weeks). So we can expect disruptions in the first floor hallway and accesses staring next week.

Please fill out and submit the shareholder survey regarding the oversized washer and dryer vs the sauna mentioned below. If you are not in the area you can email Rebecca with your vote.

Update for Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Board is interested in getting shareholder opinions on what to do with a room that is adjacent to the boiler room where the men's sauna/bathroom was located. A survey will be placed under doors tomorrow. You may also download a copy of the survey from the Shareholder Info page on this website. Please return the survey to Tony no later than Friday, March 21st. Alternatively, email your input to Rebecca at Rebecca.Kooper@gmail.com.

Update for Monday, March 10, 2014

We are in the final stage of our post Sandy renovations. Here is where we are:

Electric Meters on the west side of our building have been installed and connected. So the west half of the units should soon be receiving electric bills bases on actual use. This week, the electricians will be connecting the meters for the east side of the building. That should be completed in two weeks.

Regarding the Recreation Room, Exercise Room and Library - the electrical work is roughed out, inspected and approved by the city. Plumbing is 90% complete and the HVAC work is 50% complete. The installation of the drywall should start this week.

The Lobby renovations are underway and you will have limited access during this time. While the chandelier will remain, there will be new lighting, wall and ceiling repair and new molding. There will be new lighting, wall and ceiling repair and new molding. This area should be substantially completed in four weeks. The furniture has been ordered and should be ready at time of completion. 

Our new Generator is installed but not yet on-line.

The woman's sauna area has been combined with a storage area to create one large room where shareholder storage units will be installed. We will also be installing storage units in the old tank room. We will be sending out a survey to all shareholders to determine how many want to rent out storage units.

The installation of our new water heaters continues and expected to be complete by mid-week. This will allow us to shut down the boiler during the warm weather season.

We continue to struggle with uneven heating throughout the building when the temperatures drop significantly below 20 degrees. There are many contributors to this problem which has been exacerbated this year due to the usually cold winter. We continue to look for solutions and are presently investigating the possibility of a temperature monitoring system to better identify problem areas.

Fob Entry – the Lobby entrance, Roosevelt Blvd door, delivery ramp door and both garage interior doors have been equipped with new electronic fobs. This allows the user to “wave” the fob in front of the fob reader, which will open the lock and allow you to enter without using your key. A key, however, will still operate those doors. The fobs will be coded and distributed, 2 to each apartment. A schedule for distribution will be announced.

Sales Report - Fiscal year to date (starts April 1st) there have been 10 units sold in our building.

Rumor control- The Board has not voted to charge a fee for the use of the new Exercise Room. The possibility of a fee was raised by shareholders, not by the Board. This issue will be discussed at the next Shareholder meeting.

The next Shareholder’s meeting will be Wednesday, April 9th. That will be the Meet the Candidates night.

Update for Sunday, February 9, 2014

On the shareholder info page you will see a drawing which shows the new
furniture layout for the lobby. There's also a file you can open to get a larger view.

Generator – we have a delivery date for the backup generator of February 18th. Doors will have to be removed, including the east side entrance to the garage in order to get the generator inside the building to where it will be stored. When the garage entrance door is replaced it will have a window. You may see a lot of activity that day with the east side garage entrance being blocked off for several hours. We will post a notice in the building prior to the delivery.

Water heaters – They have arrived (there are two of them). A few design changes
had to be made but the installation process finally started last week and they should be ready for use by the end of the month.

Leaks – Flag Construction continues to work when the weather allows. Due to our
colder than normal winter we do not see them often. However they do work when there is a window of warmer weather and so far they are more responsive than contractors we have used in the past for the same type of work. We are optimistic of our future relationship with Flag Construction.

Update for Thursday, January 30, 2014

For inquiries regarding monthly maintenance bills, please call Douglas Elliman  at 212-692-8300.

Update for Monday, January 13, 2014

You may have noticed that your electric bill has been based on an “estimated reading” rather than an actual reading. This is because the new meters have not been installed yet. The meter pans that will hold our new electric meters are installed. The meters will be installed and hooked up within the next four weeks. Your electric bill will continue to be estimated until the new meters are in place and operating. 

A new gas line and exhaust system for the backup generator will be installed over the next 10 days. Starting Monday our boiler will be switched over from gas to oil to accommodate this installation.

There have been some incidents that resulted in damage in apartments that are not occupied during the winter. One included a broken refrigerator ice maker/water line that broke in the wall, another a burst radiator valve. Damage could have been minimized if we had known about the problem in a timely manner. If you are away from your apartment for any significant amount of time, you should have someone go inside periodically to confirm there are no leaking pipes, radiators or any other issues within your unit.

New water heaters will be installed in the boiler room over the next few weeks. These heaters will be used primarily during the warmer months when we do not need the boiler for heat. This will save us money and will extend the life of our new boiler.
Just a reminder, if you are having any construction done in your apartment other than painting, you must contact Management with a description of the scope of work for approval. After approval, you will be required to submit a list of the contractors you will be hiring along with their Long Beach license, permits and a copy of their insurance.

The exercise equipment for the workout room and the furniture for the lobby have been ordered. Thanks to the exercise committee who donated their time to meet and research the different equipment that is commonly used in fitness rooms such as ours. I think you will all
be happy with their selections.

If you would like to run for the board this year, you need to contact management with your intentions and a resume by the end of February.

Update for Sunday, December 29, 2013

We just received approval from the City of Long Beach for our building permits in renovating the Lobby (including new kitchen and bathrooms), Recreation Room, Exercise room and main Hallway. A contractor has been approved and is scheduled to begin work the second week of January.

We are seeking bids to construct Storage Units in the old water tank room and center core, and to renovate and expand the Building Manager's office. This work should be completed by Spring.

We are installing the wiring and switches for the FOB system (keyless entry) at our main entrances. This will allow us to patch the holes in our main hallway. The system should be operational by Spring at which time the FOBs will be released to shareholders. The old fashion "key" will also continue to work.

Leak repairs are on-going by our new contractor "Flag" led by our building engineer, Jordan Ruzz. While investigating leaks it was determined that the structural supports on few terraces need to be examined and tested to insure sufficient structural integrity. The affected shareholders have been notified.

Wishing everybody a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Update for Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Please note the following important announcement regarding the STAR Property Tax Abatement program.

STAR Property Tax Abatement Registration Lags
Those Not Registered Will Lose STAR in July

This year, the State of New York required new registration by all recipients of the basic STAR property tax exemption. These State Department of Taxation and Finance sent letters in September to each individual property owner (including co-op shareholders) currently receiving basic STAR, explaining the need to register to continue to receive this exemption in fiscal 2015, which begins on July 1, 2014.

Registration is simple and can be done in moments at www.tax.ny.gov or by calling 518 457-2036. But the deadline is looming on 12/31/13 and only a fraction of the individuals who qualify have registered at this point.

Please remind all shareholders or unit owners for whom your cooperative or condominium is their primary residence that they must register by 12/31/13 or lose the STAR tax exemption beginning in July. Note that homeowners with a family income of $500,000 are not eligible for STAR and individuals receiving Enhanced STAR already register each year by to confirm their continuing eligibility.

Update for Saturday, November 30, 2013

Douglass Elliman has offered to email the monthly statement for some time now, but some shareholders where not aware of this service. The following describes what is available.

Who doesn’t want to cut down on the paper clutter? Join our DEPM ‘going green’ movement and sign up to receive your monthly statement via email. Once enrolled, you will receive via email an exact copy of your monthly bill as a pdf file earlier than it would arrive via regular snail mail. E-Bill is an optional service; if you are not comfortable receiving your statements via email, there is no obligation to enroll. You also may elect to receive your statements via both email and by US Postal Service. To sign up for our e-bill service please email us at ebill@ellimanpm.com and include your full name, your 8-digit account number (this can be found on your monthly statements), and your email address. You will receive an email confirmation once your account has been updated.

Update for Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Good news! We closed on the new mortgage and now we can go full speed ahead on the renovations.   Therefore, starting December 1, the assessment will no longer be on your maintenance bill.

Here is the projected schedule of our renovation:
The approval of the permit application and the bidding process for the selection of a general contractor for the renovation of the lobby/rec room/exercise room should be completed within a month. Then we should be able to start the demolition on Dec 1 with the actual renovation starting January 1.

The third elevator has been completed and is in use.

All cabana doors have been replaced. The door leading to the staircase now opens outward which will better protect that lower level from ocean flooding.

By mid November, we should be getting the new electrical meters and meter pans and we anticipate the electrical renovation to be completed by the end of the year.

As part of our NYSERTA plan, we will be installing water heaters. These will enable us to shut off the boiler during the summer and only use the water heaters to heat the water used during that time.  It will also help increase the life span of our new boiler system due to the decreased load requirements all year round.

The last component of the NYSERTA plan is the installation of AC covers to reduce the amount of cold air entering the apartments through the air conditioners.  These covers will be made available soon. The staff will distribute them but it is the shareholders responsibility to install them in the sleeve. The air conditioners need to be removed; the AC cover placed in the back of the sleeve and then the air conditioner is to be put back into the sleeve. It is a simple installation and should not be problematic for most shareholders.

As with all personal projects, the staff is available after their working hours for private hire.  Feel free to contact them privately but please do not ask them to do private tasks during their workday.

We have hired Flagg Construction Company and Ruzz Engineering Firm for our leak repairs. They are starting on the Z line. And they plan on finishing these repairs before the weather gets too cold. If their work is successful, we plan to hire them in the spring to do more comprehensive leak repairs.

Any shareholders who would like to have input into the selection of equipment for the exercise room, feel free to email me. If you have used equipment in another facility that you would recommend, please forward me the make and model of the equipment.

Rebecca Kooper, President

Update for Tuesday, October 29, 2013

On the anniversary of the storm, while we still have a way to go, I just want to reflect on how far we have come.  During the days following the storm, we all struggled with finding places to relocate and temporarily moving out of our homes.  We had no water, heat, sewage pumps, or electricity and a first floor filled with water and sand. Many of us lost our cars and had to start the daunting task of working with our insurance companies. What a difficult time that was.

A year later, we have a new boiler, new water and sewage pumps, safer electricity, repaired elevators, repaired garage door, new super’s apartment, repaired walls in the lobby and hallways, new roof fans, new cabana and pool deck doors, new pool filters, new pool deck chairs, new bike racks, new cleaning equipment (vacuum cleaners, floor cleaners, snow blowers) and a new walls by the beach on Roosevelt and by the generator room.

We are still waiting for our last $500,000 from our insurance company and are hoping to close on our new mortgage soon. This will enable us to move forward. Our new (and more powerful) generator is expected to arrive shortly. The renovation of the third elevator should be completed within a few weeks.  We are waiting approval from the city of Long Beach for our renovation project to restore the exercise room and the rec room.

I share your frustration with the slow pace of the renovation.  Unfortunately, the renovation speed had to coincide with arrival of insurance money, which has been sluggish.  Hopefully, we can start moving ahead with the final phase of our restoration. When we are done, our building we have all new modern utilities and new amenities such as a larger exercise room and shareholder storage. It will be a building that we will all be proud to call home.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to thank all shareholders for their support during this difficult year. It has brought out the best in everyone. We have shared in the worst of times and now look forward to sharing the best of times.


Update for Sunday, October 6, 2013

The doors to the pool deck have been replaced. Doors in the cabana area will be replaced soon. The door to the stairway will open outward to help prevent water entering this area.

The terrazzo floor repair is completed and now matches the older part fairly well.

Cement work is beginning this week. This work includes:The wall to the beach on Roosevelt is being repaired.The dentist’s door and the windows on Roosevelt are being bricked up to help prevent water from entering the building.

The new bike racks have been assembled and bike registration has begun. The registration fee is $25.00 per year per bike. Shareholders who have parking spots with a wall in the garage may have a bracket installed for a one time fee of $25.00. Bikes may be chained to this bracket.

Electric repairs -
All individual electric meters have been removed in preparation for installation of new meters. Until the new meters are installed, LIPA will be providing estimated billing. The new generator is expected within one month. The new generator will have the capacity to provide electricity for the elevators, boiler and for the lighting of common areas including the hallways, stairwell, lobby and garage.

New water pumps have been installed and are working well.

Plans for the recreation room/library/exercise room should be finalized within the next few weeks. Then we will apply for the required permits necessary to begin construction.

The sheetrock in the hallways is completed.

Refinancing-Our attorney is working with the bank’s attorney to finalize the loan documents

Update for Monday, September 16, 2013

We are meeting with the designer/architect and project manager today to discuss finalizing plans for the Exercise Room, Library and Rec Room. These areas are top priority and will be the next major spaces to be renovated.

We have been put off one week by our concrete contractor (Legamart). They are now scheduled to begin next week.

The contractor replacing the Terrazzo started today and is still expected to be finished by the end of the week.

Update for Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Thursday, September 12th the water will be shut off from approximately 9:00am to 3:00pm to finish installation of our new variable speed / higher efficiency water pumps. The new system should be operating on Friday.


Starting Monday, September 16th our concrete contractor (Legamart) will begin various projects around the building including: sidewalk repair along Roosevelt, Replace damaged wall at southwest corner of building, raise and modify landscape wall along Roosevelt and a small wall in front of the old generator room on Shore. The landscape wall along Roosevelt and the wall by the old generator room are part of the flood mitigation plan.


Also starting Monday, our newly installed terrazzo floor will be removed and replaced. This project should take approximately one week.


The electrical work in the building continues. We are still waiting for a start date to replace four doors, including the pool deck entrance doors.


Update for Saturday, September 7, 2013

The bike racks will be installed on Friday, September 13th, 2013. All bicycles currently in the bike rack areas must be removed from the garage by the evening of Thursday, September 12th, 2013.
As was discussed during the Shareholders’ Meeting on Aug 21, 2013, in order to store your bike in the bike rack, you must register your bike, receive a tag that is to go on the back of your bike seat. In addition, you will be charged an annual $25.00 fee per bike. This is payable at the first registration and then annually every June.  Any bike stored in the bike rack that does not have a registration tag will be removed.

For those shareholders who have a parking spot and their parking spot has a wall, a bracket can be affixed to the wall by the Super. Your bike can then be chained to this bracket. There will be a one-time fee of $25.00 for the bracket and installation. However, even if you are planning to store your bike in your parking spot, you must register the bike and put the registration tag on your bike.

The restration form and bike rules can be downloaded from the shareholder info page of this website.  Please return the registration form to Management to receive your bike registration tags.

Update for Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Due to the installation of the new water pumps, there will be no water on Tuesday, August 20th from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. You may want to consider filling a couple buckets of water prior to the shut-off that can be used to flush the toilet during the day.

The terrazzo in the first floor hallway will be repaired this week. This is a multi-day process and may not be completed until Thursday or Friday.

When the terrazzo floor is completed the contractor will return to finish installing the sheetrock in the halls. We expect them to start sometime next week or the following week.

Our application for a grant from National Grid’s Emergency Economic & Community Redevelopment Program has been approved. We have been awarded $50,000!! (Nice job Rick!)

Keep the date open - We will have a shareholder's meeting on Wednesday, August 21st at 7:30pm in the main lobby.


Update for Thursday, August 1, 2013

  • We have completed the sheetrock installation in the lobby and hope to start on the first floor hallway as soon as the hallway is repaired.
  • The concrete is being poured today (Aug 1). We hope to have the terrazzo floor repaired by the end of next week.
  • The cabana doors have been installed so everyone is free to store their chairs in that area.
  • We are still waiting to hear from the bank about our refinancing. All reports have been submitted.
  • We are hoping to get the last $500,000 from our insurance company.  Our public adjuster has submitted more justifications that were requested from our insurance company. They are making us work for our money.
  • Despite this, our finances are good. As of the end of June, our reserve fund is over $800,000. However, we continue to expect our cash balance to vary greatly over the next few months.
  • The installation of the third elevator is starting within two weeks.
  • We have closed on two apartments within the last two months and anticipate closing on two more apartments shortly.
  • We are still waiting to hear from National Grid and the NYS Recovery program about our grant applications.


Update for Sunday, June 23, 2013


  • We passed our City Of Long Beach electrical inspection and can now start sheet-rocking the lobby.  The sheet-rocking is scheduled to start next week.
  • The designer’s floor plan for the first floor should be completed by next week.
  • The first area of reconstruction will be the exercise room followed by the recreation room.
  • The professional space has been listed with a realtor and we are hopeful that it will be rented soon.
  • The cabana doors have been ordered and should be here within two weeks.
  • Our beach access is open.

Update for Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Letter From the President:

Just wanted to update everyone on the progress of the restoration of our co-op.

We still have not received all our insurance money from Chubb. They are questioning the price to repair our electric system. We should be meeting with them and our public adjuster soon to finalize this settlement.

Regarding the exterior of the building:
The pool will be open within the week.  Cabanas will be available within the next few weeks. We need to replace the doors that were all destroyed in the storm. We will have beach access from our back entrance. The city has not decided what they are putting back there to make the access to the beach easy to navigate. We will have to wait and see what they do over the next few weeks. We had a temporary fence installed until we decide on what permanent structure will be built in the back. The back lighting should be repaired also within the next few weeks.

Regarding the interior of the building:
We have hired an interior design firm to reconfigure the first floor space. This space will include

  • Rec room
  • Library
  • Storage room for shareholders
  • Professional rental space
  • Manager’s office
  • Super’s shop
  • Building storage

The next step is to sheetrock the lobby. However, we cannot do this until the City of Long Beach inspects the electricity in this area. They have been contacted and we are waiting to hear from them. We will be removing the water tanks from the tank room, which will increase the amount of useable space for us. While the tanks are being removed, the broken pipe under the terrazzo will be repaired.  Then we will replace the doors on the first floor (which are rusting from Sandy) and then the sheetrock in the hallways. Finally, we hope to start on the rec room and the exercise room.

The application for refinancing will be submitted within two weeks.

I understand it will be challenging to live through all this construction within the next few months. However, it will be easier than what we have already been through. At least we are home and have heat, hot water, elevators, electricity and incinerator chutes. We have been through the worst and will now start seeing the rebuilding of what will be a beautiful new first floor. Thanks for your patience.

Rebecca Kooper

Update for Thursday, May 2, 2013

The election was held at our Annual Shareholder Meeting last night.
The following lists the people elected:
Rebecca Kooper - President
Rick Tufano - Vice President
Dante Foceri – Vice President
Christopher Lantelme – Treasurer
Jeanne Thomaston - Secretary
Elaine Lotfi
Natalie Goodman

Update for Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our annual shareholder meeting is tomorrow night, Wednesday May 1st at 7:30 in the lobby. Any outstanding ballots can be submitted at the beginning of the meeting. Please come to hear all building updates. The election results will be announced at the end of the meeting.

Update for Monday, April 1, 2013

A Reminder: Meet The Candidates Night will be held this Thursday, April 4th at 7:30 pm in the lobby. Due to Superstorm Sandy we no longer have chairs or the ability to provide refreshments. If you will need a chair, please bring a folding chair from your apartment.

Update for Saturday, March 30, 2013

Finally, our new boiler is up and running. They are still making final adjustments today. You may hear more air escaping than normal. This should decrease over the next day or two. However, if you are experiencing excessive steam being released or you believe your radiator is not working properly call Tony immediately. We should be saying goodbye to the big red box on Roosevelt next week.

Update for Tuesday, March 26, 2013

All shareholders will be receiving a mailing from Douglas Elliman within the next few days. The mailing will include a general update, which is also shown below, a leaks/window report form, and a survey to solicit shareholders opinions regarding the uses to be considered in planning the renovation of the first floor of our building. The entire mailing can be found on the shareholder information page of this website.

The new gas line is complete. We are waiting for Long Beach inspectors to pressure test the new line. This should be the last step before starting our new boiler.

The electricians have begun the permanent repairs to our electrical system. This should take approximately 3 to 4 months.

The superintendent's apartment is complete.

We have hired a new engineer who is going to start evaluating our leak/water problems. Since all of the records were destroyed by the flood, we are asking everyone with leaks to fill out a form. We know many of you have filled them out previously, but we need them again. They will be forwarded to the new engineer who will start his investigation. The report form will also have space to report window problems such as fogging, and rusted or peeling Terrace railings.

 Update for Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some Day we really will have our own boiler. The new boiler is ready to go but we had to have a pressure test of the gas lines before the City would give us the permit to operate. We did not pass the test. (Please note: the pressure test for the lines that service our stoves/ovens passed months ago. This is a separate line for the boiler.) Therefore, we will install a new gas line through the garage to the boiler room. This is setting us back a few weeks which is both costly and frustrating. However, it is what we need to do to make the necessary repairs in order for the gas hook up to be approved. The cost of the boiler replacement project will exceed $400,000. (The original assessment was $240,000.) Some of the increase is due to the cost of oil which was used all winter to heat the building, obtaining the temporary boiler and extra tank hook-up, and the re-routing of the gas line noted above.

Candidates night will be Thursday, April 4th. We will post the time and place.

We hired a firm to measure and deliver drawings of our existing first floor. These existing condition drawings will be used to plan for future renovations. In the near term, they will be used to obtain bids to replace the sheetrock in the lobby and hallway.

We will be soliciting proposals from architect/interior design firms to assist us in the renovation of our first floor. A shareholder survey will be distributed soon to obtain your opinion on how the space should be utilized. We strongly urge everyone to participate in this decision making process by filling out the survey.

We have accepted a proposal to replace the pool equipment damaged during the storm. We will have this work start as soon as possible in order to have an operating and Long Beach approved pool by June.

The electrical work has begun, including the conduit and feeders (big copper wire) running from the electric room on Shore to the electric room on Roosevelt. This new conduit will be run through the garage.

We are looking into refinancing the building to take advantage of the low interest rates and to raise money for some of the un-insured losses. We have received several hundred thousand dollars from the insurance companies but still expect (hope) to receive a total of 2.25 million. As previously mentioned, we believe the total damages to the building are over three million dollars.

Update for Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We have posted Flood Policy Declaration and Request for Certificate of Insurance forms on the “shareholder Info” page of the website. These are forms that are often needed for shareholders that are refinancing their unit.

A Request for Action Form has also been added to the “shareholder info” page.

The presentation for last nights unveiling of the proposed new Boardwalk in a pdf format is below, and on the “shareholder info” page.

3.2 MB

Update for Friday, February 22, 2013

Oops! Someone didn't get the word. Douglas Elliman sent out invoices for March that do not reflect the credit that you would be getting if you paid the maintenance November. They are sending new invoices out. If you paid your November maintenance and you expect to get a credit for March, ignore the first invoice and a second one will arrive which should reflect the credit. If you have any questions call Coleen.

 We are coming down to the final 3-4 weeks for the boiler replacement project. There will be occasional service disruptions during this time. We will notify you in advance when possible.

Update for Sunday, February 10, 2013

There will be no heat or hot water tomorrow (Monday) starting at 10:00 AM. The main header is being attached to our new boiler for testing. This procedure should last most of the day. We expect to have heat and hot water service returned by 5:00 PM. Following this procedure, we should be able to report an approximate date when the new boiler will be fully operational.

Update for Saturday, February 9, 2013

Due to personal obligations Rick Tufano has resigned as President of the Board. He will remain active on the Board as Vice President. The Board has elected Rebecca Kooper to finish out the term as President.

Update for Monday, January 14, 2013

There will be a shareholder meeting on Wednesday, January 30th at 7 PM. The meeting will be held in the lobby. There are no chairs available so bring your own if you would like to sit.

All star rebates will be credited in February.

If you would like to run for the Board of Directors this year you should be preparing your resume. They will be due by the end of February. The number of Board members will be cut from nine to seven.

Update for Saturday, January 5, 2013

Many shareholders have asked questions about the damages we sustained, costs to repair, insurance coverage, etc. Unfortunately there are still many unknowns and it may be a while before we truly know the financial impact of the storm. Below addresses a few of the most commonly asked questions. We will update you as more information becomes available.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What insurance coverage does the co-op have?

We have two policies. One policy is a part of the National Flood Insurance Program and covers the building for $250,000. Our second policy is part of our commercial property policy and is for $2,000,000.

2. Is there a deductible?
The deductible for the National Flood Insurance policy is $2,000. The deductible for the commercial property policy is $616,000.

3. Is the boiler replacement covered by insurance? If so, why are we paying the assessment?
Our boiler is over 40 years old and only covered for the depreciated cost, which will be minimal. The cost for the new boiler will be higher than the original assessment due to the increased cost of the temporary heating system that now includes heat and hot water. The assessment is still needed and may have to be extended to cover additional expenses not covered by insurance and not anticipated before Sandy.

4. What is the total of our damages?
We have been told by our adjuster that we have over $3 Million in insurance claims. Many things like landscaping, contents, remediation, etc. are not covered. However, what our insurance companies will allow and what the final costs of all repairs will be is still unknown.

5. What happened to STAR rebate?
Be assured the credits for the STAR rebate will be forthcoming. The law requires us to release all credit by September. Due to our current financial situation from the storm, the credit may be released over time if it appears that the insurance money is not coming in soon. Shareholders who paid November maintenance will be credited that amount in March. However, shareholders should be aware of the fact that our co-op has not yet received the rebate money from our insurance and therefore this credit is coming out of our co-op's budget.

6. Have we received any insurance money yet? When do we expect to receive most of the money?
We have received a $100,000 advance from our commercial policy. We do not know the timing of any future payments.

Update for Thursday, January 3, 2013

We have been notified by Douglas Elliman of problems they are experiencing with their Billing Inquiry Hotline. The following was forwarded by Victoria Micalizzi:

Dear All –
Please be advised that at the present time we are experiencing problems with our IVR system. This means that when residents are calling our Billing Inquiry Hotline  212-692-8300  212-692-8300 they are not able to get through. We have notified our IVR vendor and are working with them to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We will advise you once this issue has been resolved.
Thank you for your patience,
Victoria Micalizzi, Douglas Elliman Property Management

Update for Saturday, December 29, 2012

The delivery of the boiler parts began this week. It will be assembled over the next two to three weeks. Our preliminary work schedule for the boiler replacement was eleven to twelve weeks. According to that schedule, we are presently in week four.

We will be posting a form on this website for shareholders to report damage to their apartment since Sandy. A form will also be available in Coleen’s office.

Happy New Year to all. We look forward to watching Long Beach come back strong in 2013.

Update for Saturday, December 22, 2012 - 4:00 PM

Progress is never easy

The fuel tank that came with the temporary boiler only held 500 gallons and had to be filled everyday. With only a 500 gallon capacity, we were in danger of running out of fuel if we missed a day’s delivery or had a bad snow storm. So, we ordered a 3000 gallon auxiliary fuel tank for the temporary boiler, which came this week. However, there were problems with the set-up. We lost heat Thursday evening and most of Friday. It came back briefly Friday night and then out again. The heat has been intermittent since this morning but we believe it is now under control.

The concrete slab for the new boiler was poured this week. Additional foundation work is scheduled for Monday. The building of the new boiler will begin within a week.

The electrical repairs have begun. This will be a very long process and will account for a large portion of our remediation expenses. When we get some rough costs of the total damages including the electric, we will let you know.


Update for Tuesday, December 18, 2012

FINALLY, both garbage compactor machines were replaced today. Please remember not to put anything that may be dangerous to compress down the chute. Aerosol cans and glass should be put in the appropriate bins. Also, clothes tend to get caught or stuck on the way down.

 Update for Saturday, December 15, 2012 - 12:30 PM

The restrictions on the West side elevator have been lifted. The elevator is now available 24 hours.

The laundry facilities are now available for use. However, If you need to replenish your card the machine works off a Verizon phone line which is not operating. We are working on a solution.

If you have Verizon as your landline telephone service and you want to continue using them, they have some Wireless solutions that can return your phone service until their Network is restored. Verizon can be reached at (8665850530). Cablevision can also supply telephone service and can be reached at (5163648400).

Due to some shareholder requests to make this website available for listing of properties, we will have a page dedicated to apartments for sale at Water’s Edge. If you would like to list your apartment, email Chris Lantelme with your contact information.


Update for Friday, December 14, 2012 - 8:00 AM

 Welcome Home 
 We believe our systems are running stable and we have turned the corner on the last of the main amenities of the building.

 The west side elevator is now running from 7am to 9pm. This time constraint will be lifted soon.

 The washers and dryers are being tested today by Hercules and should be available by the end of the day.

 We are promised to have a garbage compactor delivered today. We will post signs to let you know which compactor room is available.

 The dismantling of the boiler started this week, and will continue for at least another week. When completed, the building of the new boiler will begin immediately.

 We will be working on many repairs over the next several months. Your patience, as well as ours, will be tested during this time. We will continue to post progress on this website, though the frequency will be decrease. We will also be putting all updates on the bulletin board in the mail room. We look forward to seeing everyone back in the building.

 Update for Wednesday, December 12, 2012 – 11:00 PM

The structural engineer performed his final inspection today and found nothing that compromises the building’s stability.

The second floor hallway carpet was cleaned and sanitized today. They will begin work on the third floor tomorrow.

The garage door is now fully operational and available to shareholders. After reviewing the areas needed for our restoration activities, it was determined that six parking spaces will be affected. If your parking space is one of those affected, Coleen will contact you for temporary reassignment.

Update for Tuesday, December 11, 2012 – 11:00 PM

The garage door is now repaired. The garage will be available to be used shortly. There are a few parking spaces that are being used as a work area for some of the repair activities.  Anyone whose space is being used for that purpose will be temporarily reassigned another space. Coleen will notify you if you will be affected.

The water pump that developed a leak on Sunday is scheduled to be repaired tomorrow.

All sand has been removed from the cabana area. Power washing will be the final step. The engineer will be scheduled to complete his final inspection for possible structural damage.

The Board is meeting on Thursday to resolve various restoration and usage issues of the building.

Update Monday, December 10, 2012 – 8:30 AM

Please do no ask our staff for personal assistance over the next few weeks. They are extremely busy at this time. They have been instructed by the Board not to give personal assistance to anyone and to focus on the needs of the building. Do not put them in the uncomfortable position of having to say no to your personal requests.

Reminder: Do not use the garbage chutes. You must bring your garbage down to the curb. We have been promised one compactor to be delivered this week. If and when it is delivered and installed, we will let you know which compactor room can be used.

 Update for Sunday, December 09, 2012 – 6:00 PM

Two steps forward, one step back. This is how it’s going to be for a while longer.

The asbestos abatement in the boiler room was finished today. The dismantling of the boiler will begin this week.

Our sewer ejection pumps are operating with only minor complications.

One of our two water pumps developed a leak and is shut off. We are now utilizing the one remaining pump. Water should be available throughout the building but the pressure will be low. We will attempt to get Federal Pump on site to repair on Monday.

Update for Saturday, December 08, 2012 – 8:30 PM

 The process of turning on the gas was completed. There should now be gas service available throughout the building.

To summarize the status of the services in the building:

Electric: fully restored within the units and common areas. However, the system in general is tenuous due to the damage we sustained and permanent repairs have not been completed. Therefore, other services that require strong electrical demands are limited or unavailable.

Heat: restored via temporary boiler. Heat regulation is difficult and this service is subject to occasional disruptions.

Hot Water: fully restored, but dependent on our temporary boiler (see above).

Gas: fully restored.

Laundry Rooms: Not available until further notice.

Elevator: Not available. Do not ask our personnel to turn on the elevator. You may see it used on occasion for maintenance duties or testing. However, it is unavailable for general shareholder use.

Garage: Not available. The garage has been cleared of sand and power washed. The new garage door should be installed and operational by Wednesday.

Garbage Chutes: Not available. Do not leave your garbage in the hall. You must bring your garbage down to the curb in front of the building. Our Maintenance personnel are extremely busy attending to restoring building services. Do not ask them to carry your garbage to the street. If you leave garbage bags in the hallway you will be fined.


Update for Saturday, December 08, 2012 – 9:00 AM

As of last evening, we have secured access to all apartments. We plan on turning on the gas today. This procedure should take most of the day.

The asbestos abatement containment requirement is interfering with our access to the sewer ejection pumps. We will not be able to monitor them (as mentioned in yesterday’s update) until Monday.

Update for Friday, December 07, 2012 – 2:00 PM

The boiler room asbestos removal began today. This should be completed by mid-next week, which will be followed by the dismantling and removal of the boiler.

The sewer ejection pumps were installed yesterday and need to be monitored / tested for approximately 24 hours. This testing period will be completed today.

Cablevision service was disrupted throughout Long Beach yesterday. Service has been restored.

Update for Thursday, December 6, 2012 - 1:00 PM

We had some electrical problems which included the elevator this morning. The elevator has been temporarily shut down. We are working on the problem and will post when it is back in service. All other electric service has been restored throughout the building.

Update for Wednesday, December 05, 2012

 The west elevator will be in service tomorrow, though with restricted hours of operation. Initially, the hours of operation will be from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. You should have your cell phone with you when using the elevator. The emergency phone will not be working, though the alarm should be operational.

The garage door should be repaired Monday or Tuesday of next week. The garage is now clean and will be available for use once the door is repaired.

Update for Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The problem with the heat not getting to the east side of the building has been solved and the repair is being worked on tonight. Tomorrow there should be heat throughout the building.

The water temperature should now be hot throughout the building.

The west elevator is now being used on a limited basis, primarily with one of our staff present. This elevator should be in full service by Thursday.

We will be confirming tomorrow (Wednesday) that we have the keys to enter everyone’s apartment, in order for us to turn on the gas. If we do not have your key, or if you only gave us one key and you locked two locks, we will be removing whatever barrier there is in order to get into the apartment. If we do not have the key(s) necessary to enter your apartment, you should call Coleen immediately. We will let you know through this website the day the gas will be turned on. It should be within the next few days.

Update for Sunday, December 02, 2012

The west side of the building has heat, the east side does not. This should be resolved within 1 to 2 days.

The temperature of the hot water is inconsistent throughout the building. This will also be investigated on Monday.

Update for Friday, November 30, 2012

The water was turned on today. There were some minor problems which delayed starting the boiler. However, the boiler start-up commenced late this afternoon and will be closely monitored over the next 24 to 48 hours.

Federal Pump delivered the wrong sewer ejection pumps and now claims the correct ones will be delivered next week.

The gas should be turned on next week.

The cabana area clean-up will start next Monday or Tuesday.

Update for Thursday, November 29, 2012

We believe the problems with the water system were resolved today. Friday morning the system will be turned on and tested.

Following confirmation that the new water pumps and system is operating properly, the boiler start-up operation will begin. It should take 1 to 2 days for the heat and hot water service to stabilize.

The sewer ejection pumps have not been installed.

Update for Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The two water pumps were installed today. The sewer ejection pumps were not delivered. We are still experiencing some difficulty with the water system.  We will continue working on it on Thursday. We will not be able to test the boiler until the water problem is resolved.

 Update for Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Federal Pump did not deliver the pumps on Tuesday. They are scheduled to return on Wednesday to deliver and install the pumps.

Status of Building Superintendent Position: Earlier this Fall, Ricky gave notice to the Board that he would be retiring this year. It was agreed that he would work through December 31st. Subsequently, the storm destroyed Ricky’s apartment. All appliances, fixtures, floors, sheetrock and all contents had to be removed. The Board then offered and Ricky accepted a paid leave of absence to the end of the year. Ricky will be officially retired as of January 1st, 2013. In the interim, Tony has been made the Temporary Superintendent. As of January 1st, his position as Superintendent will become permanent.

  Update for Monday, November 26, 2012

The garage cleanup crew came today and got off to a good start. Contractor’s time estimate is one to two weeks.

Federal Pump (water and sewer ejection pumps) were at the building today, but only worked on some electrical issues. They will be back tomorrow (Tuesday) to continue. Will keep you posted.

Final electrical work performed today for our temporary boiler. Control Combustion is scheduled to return tomorrow and possibly fire-up our boiler. If all goes well, may have consistent/uninterrupted heat in a few days.

We are starting to see signs of the final stages of street cleaning. We had a street sweeper on Roosevelt today. Also witnessed Long Beach DPW personnel cleaning street and sidewalks with brooms and shovels. Still a long way to go.

Maintenance Payments are reinstated for December
: In case we are not sent invoices for the December maintenance, all payments should be sent to the following address:
Douglas Elliman Property Management,
Att. Trisha Williams
675 Third Avenue, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10017
If you have any questions regarding the amount you owe, you can call Trisha Williams at  212-692-8315  212-692-8315 .

 Update for Saturday, November 24, 2012

 Mail delivery service to our building has resumed as of Friday, November 23rd.


 The contractor who will be installing our water and sewer ejection pumps is now scheduled for Monday. We expect it to be a 1-2 day job.

 All units should now have electric service. Remember to turn your breakers back on.

 The septic tank was pumped out yesterday (Friday). The sewer system should be fully operational when the water is turned on.

 The garbage compactors are still not operational. Please do not use the garbage chutes. All garbage must be carried down to the sidewalk. Do not leave anything in the halls or ask the porters to take your garbage away.

 Control Combustion (our boiler contractor) continues to work on the temporary boiler. We should be able to start up and test the system early to mid week.

 We expect to deem the building habitable soon. At that time we will have water/sewer, heat and hot water, gas and electric service. What may not be immediately available is elevator service, garbage compactor service or the garage.

 We have the contractor coming on Monday to clear the debris and power wash the garage.

Update for Tuesday, November 20, 2012

 Our temporary boiler has been delivered. Control Combustion has begun the process of connecting it to our system which will supply us with heat and hot water.

 The order for the water and sewer ejection pumps has been confirmed and should be delivered and installed sometime this week.

 The electric service is still inconsistent throughout the building. If you visit your apartment, check to see if your unit has electricity REMEMBER TO SWITCH ON THE BREAKERS BEFORE TESTING. If you do not have electric service in your unit, email Coleen. We recommend you switch off the breakers before you leave to protect your appliances.

 Due to the complaints by the President of our neighbor across the street - 711 Shore Road, Four Winds, the generator in front of our building has been shut off at the direction of the City of Long Beach. This generator powered the AT&T cell tower on our roof which supplied the area with cell service. Our part of the island’s cell service will now be compromised until AT&T and our electricians can repair the electric service on our roof or until the City allows us to turn it back on.

 Our building has been exterminated. This was done as a precaution. We have not found evidence of a bug infestation.

 For anyone who has Verizon as their telephone service provider – Verizon’s copper wire system has been severely damaged due to the storm. They are now forced to change their copper wire network over to a fiber optic system throughout Long Beach. We have been told by Verizon that it will take a minimum of 8 to 10 weeks before your unit will be able to be connected with the fiber optic phone service. The issue of connecting the lobby entrance system to your phone number will be addressed in the near future.

Update for Saturday, November 17, 2012

The maintenance payment for November has been abated (includes unit maintenance, parking and assessment fees). If you have already paid your November bill you will be credited in your March statement.

Seven automobiles remain in the garage. They must be removed prior to the final cleaning. If the building has to remove your vehicle your account will be billed.

The garbage compactors are still not operational. Please do not ignore the signs or this notice. Please do not use the garbage chutes.

The elevators are still not operating. Kone, our elevator contractor is expected to be on-site Sunday November 18th or Monday November 19th.

The building will be deemed habitable when the following services are restored: water and sewer (still waiting on Federal Pump to return), heat (temporary boiler to be delivered next week) and gas (presently operational but will not be turned on without water service). Though it may be an inconvenience, the elevators are not required to be operational to deem the building habitable.

Update for Friday, November 16, 2012

We have been told the temporary boiler should arrive by Tuesday, November 20th. It is being delivered from Maine. The installation process will start next week by Control Combustion, the same contractor that will be supplying our new boiler.

 The city came to remove the debris from the front of the building (see photo gallery).

 A Board meeting is being conducted tomorrow (Saturday).

 Update for Thursday, November 15, 2012

 The electricians continue to work. Our electric service almost back to 100%, though there will be repairs being done over the next few weeks. Some of the work was performed with quick “temporary” fixes to expedite our move back into the building.

No schedule regarding our water and sewer ejection pumps. Should know something tomorrow.

We have located a temporary boiler that will supply heat and hot water to the building while the new boiler is being installed. We will confirm tomorrow when it will arrive, which should be sometime next week. However, when it is delivered it should take approximately five days to tie into our system. We will try to update tomorrow.

Let's Kill The Rumor The building is not condemned. It is safe. If we had structural damage to the degree that the building was unsafe, it would have been revealed during our own inspections. We are hiring a structural engineer to do a thorough examination to confirm that no repairs are needed. But the rumor that the building is condemned simply is not true.

 Reminder: Please – Do Not Use The Garbage Chutes.

 Update Wednesday, November 14, 2012

 The electric service has been restored to the building. However, they are still working on the system and service is not on throughout the building. The hallway lights are on but the stairwell lights are off, so you still needed a flashlight today to get to your apartment. Some apartments have electric service and others do not. The electricians will return tomorrow and service should be improving daily.

 Federal Pump came today and determined our water pumps and the sewer ejection pumps have to be replaced. We should be getting a time frame for their replacement by tomorrow. Until the pumps are replaced there will be no water service.

 National Grid returned and repaired their damaged equipment. We are now in the position to turn on the gas, which we will do once we have water service. The process of turning on the gas requires access to each apartment. Most of you may recall we had to do this a few years ago. We will try to give notice on this site prior to activating the system.

There will be no elevator service until the electric is fully restored and a representative from Kone (our elevator replacement and maintenance contractor) has inspected the equipment. All elevators were parked on higher floors so we expect any damage to be minimal.

Our Pubic Adjuster team started evaluating the building today. An adjuster for Chubb, one of our main carriers was also there.

We are replacing each of the two compactors, which are irreparable. They were ordered today. You can not use the garbage chutes. The garbage in the compactors has swollen due to being submerged in water and is now stuck. We are attempting to get a hydraulic jack to unclog the compactor tomorrow. For now, there is nowhere for the garbage to go. This is why the doors on each floor were taped shut. However, some people have ripped off the tape and put garbage down the chute anyway. The chute is now filled almost to the second floor. You must take the garbage out to the street. Do Not Use The Garbage Chute.

The City of Long Beach is claiming the Long Beach Post Office is open. However, we spoke with a couple shareholders today who said it was still closed. You may want to check by phone prior to coming to Long Beach for your mail.

Update Tuesday, November 13, 2012

 Our electrical contractor came back today but not able to finish. They will return Wednesday to continue.

Federal Pump did not show but claims they will be at the building Wednesday.

National Grid came back today and started their repairs. Will have better update Wednesday.

Strict curfew still in effect from 6pm to 6am. Mail is now available at the Long Beach Post Office.


Update Monday, November 12, 2012

Our electrical contractor came today and began bypassing some of our damaged electrical equipment and tested some of the circuits. They will be back tomorrow to continue.

National Pump will be at the building tomorrow to insure the pumps (which are required for our water service) will be working when the electric service is restored.

National Grid came today to inspect the gas equipment. They found some of their own equipment to be damaged. Unfortunately this is not something our contractors can repair. The work has to be performed by National Grid. We may have more details on this tomorrow.

Please use caution while driving in Long Beach. Most of the traffic signals are working but occasionally you come to one that is out, including the corner of Broadway and Roosevelt.

 Update Sunday, November 11, 2012

We had a great turnout of volunteers on Saturday and made progress cleaning out the garage and storage rooms. Thank you all for your time and efforts. We all appreciate it and the building is closer to restoration because of your hard work.

 We met with a second Public Adjuster on Friday and toured the building with him.

 Water is now approved for drinking by Nassau County Health Department. The City of Long Beach is also reporting that sewer is up again, though not at 100%. The water is not yet turned on in our building.

 On Monday, an electrical contractor will be getting our building ready to accept service when LIPA eventually powers our grid. We do not know when LIPA is going to be working in our area. It could be a week or a few weeks. Any time prediction would be a guess with no factual basis behind it. When we get LIPA to give us a timeframe we will report it here.

 A Board of Directors meeting was held Saturday evening. One of the items discussed was the hiring of a Public Adjuster. The Board agreed to hire one of the adjusters interviewed last week. The Public Adjuster’s evaluation of the extent of the damage to the building will begin this week. They have their own team of experts, and should be on-site by Wednesday.

Update Friday, November 9, 2012

Able bodied volunteers are needed to help clean out the first floor. If you would like to help, show up in the lobby tomorrow, Saturday, at 11 am. Ask for Andrew Berlin- he is our unofficial volunteer chairperson. (Thanks for offering, Andrew). If you want to come, if you have any of the following, please bring them:
flashlights or drop lights with extension cord
work gloves (we have some)
Respiratory face masks (we have some)

We will be working in areas that are safe for us.

Update Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rebecca, Coleen and Tony met with our Public Adjuster today and toured the building. The Adjuster said it was important to keep the building unoccupied until official notice is given to return which would make the process go quicker. He also complimented the efforts of everyone on the progress made so quickly which mitigated the overall damage to the building. The next steps to be taken are to inventory the damage and coordinate with the various insurance companies.

 We have email addresses for less than half the shareholders. For the address we have, we are sending information on a daily basis. If you know of anyone who seems to be out of touch with the building, please help us secure contact information for them.  If they do not have an email address we can send the daily info to a relative or close friend.

 We are getting unfavorable feedback from people attempting to pick up their mail in Garden City.  You may want to consider having your mail temporarily forwarded to another address. It can be done online at the following address: https://moversguide.usps.com

A great source of information regarding the recovery efforts of the City of Long Beach can be found at www.longbeachny.org. This site is updated every day and should be checked often to follow the progress of the City.  Our website is only meant to follow the progress of our building and should not be used as your sole source of information.

Update Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Clean-up Effort - Dryers and blowers are being set-up on the first floor to remove remaining moisture and odor.

The new boiler has been ordered.

There will be no Late Fee imposed on the November Maintenance bill. If you sent it directly to the Bank, it will eventually find its way to Douglas Elliman.  However, if you have not submitted the maintenance fee for November, please forward it directly to the Douglas Elliman address below.

Sewer is now operational.

We are having trouble filing a claim with FEMA due to the ownership structure of a co-op. Therefore, all shareholders should file a claim directly with FEMA for 1) damage to personal property, 2) damage to common areas and 3) maintenance assistance due to the building being "inhabitable" because of no water, sewer, electric, heat, hot water or fire protection. FEMA registration is available at the Ice Arena 7 days a week from 9 to 5.  You can also make a claim on www.fema.gov or call  1-800-621-3362  1-800-621-3362 . 

Update Monday, November 5, 2012
Clean-up progressing - Most sheetrock below the water line has been removed and the rugs, furniture and equipment is now out of the building. Cleaning and sanitizing continues.

Maintenance Payments (in addition to parking and assessment fees) should be sent to the following address:
Douglas Elliman Property Management,
Att. Trisha Williams
675 Third Avenue, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10017
If you are already set-up for direct deposit this should not be affected.

According to the City of Long Beach website, all Long Beach mail is being held at the Garden City Postal Distribution Center on Steward Avenue in Garden City.

As of Sunday, November 4, 2012:

Regarding the building:

  • All utilities are still out – water, sewer, electric, phone and cell.
  • The main damage is in the common areas. The lobby, garage, boiler room were flooded. The water was pumped out of the lobby this past week but is still covered with sand. A crew is there today pumping out the garage and most of the boiler and tank rooms.
  • We have not heard of damage to any apartments on the second floor or above. Ricky’s apartment was flooded.
  • We have not observed any structural damage to the building, but will be getting a structural engineer to inspect and report.

If you return to the building to retrieve belongings you should also:

  • Take all food out of your refrigerator and freezer and dispose off premises. Do not put the food or anything else in the garbage room or chute.  You must take it out of the building yourself. Ask the staff for help if you are physically unable to carry the bags.
  • Shut all electric breakers
  • Confirm all water valves are closed.
  • You cannot stay overnight. It is unsafe and doing so will delay re-opening the building. Also, there is still a curfew between the hours of 6 pm to 6 am so you must be out of Long Beach by 6 pm.
  • You cannot use the toilets - until the sewers are unclogged they will flush into the garage.
  • Remember to bring a flashlight. There is no electric service and no lighting in the hallways or stairwells.

In General:

  • Please send your present contact information to Coleen McKeon (coleen.mckeon@ellimanpm.com) and Rick Tufano (ricktufano@yahoo.com) or see contact list for Coleen's mailing address.
  • To get updates directly from the City of Long Beach by email, text or phone you can sign up for Swift911. Go to the Long Beach website at www.LongBeachNY.org and on the upper right side of the home page there is a link.
  • All maintenance fees (in addition to parking and assessment fees) are still due. However, we will get confirmation on Monday  regarding where to send it. If you are already set-up for direct deposit this should not be affected. 
  • Our staff is presently providing security, in addition to the National Guard and the Long Beach Police Department. We will be obtaining additional security as soon as possible.
  • If your car is in the garage, it is your responsibility to have it removed. This must be done immediately. Call your insurance company if you have not done so already.
  • There will be several milestones that have to be accomplished before shareholders can move back into the building. They are: water and sewer service must be restored, electric service restored, we must pass a gas test prior to gas service being restored and a portable/temporary boiler must be installed on-site and connected to restore heat and hot water. We will post the progress of these tasks on this website. 
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